Why are the first to respond the last to be treated?

Our first responders perform some of the most physically and mentally demanding tasks every day during their long shifts, responding to our community’s needs in a moment’s notice.

Yet when injured, they often have to navigate outdated and complex processes which can:

It's time for a change.

At ProTeam Tactical Performance, our only priority is serving those who serve us. Through our innovative approach and comprehensive services, we can help tactical professionals improve their health, well-being and quality of life now and in retirement.

Without PTP

The Solution

Our mission is to take care of the whole tactical professional – from head to toe, inside and out – to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Elite Rehabilitation

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Exclusive Facility

Line of Duty Injury

Pro Level Equipment

As professional athletes, ProTeam Tactical Performance's co-founders Jim Sorgi and Joey Vandever received top-of-the-line preventative and rehabilitative care.

ProTeam Tactical’s mission is to provide first responders – the men and women of law enforcement and the fire service – the very same level of care they received. This vision is what drives us to help those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.
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We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art facilities, services and equipment used to help tactical professionals stay on the job with minor injuries, get back to the job after major injuries and improve overall health. Our work is driven by our team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled athletic trainers, physical therapists, licensed performance dietitian, sports medicine physician and DARI Motion Specialist.

Your men and women deserve to be treated like the Tactical athletes they are.

Our Team

Jim Sorgi

Jim Sorgi



Joey Vandever


Tim Drudge

Director of Operations MS, LAT, ATC

David Smith

Director of Business Development

Ned Shannon

Licensed Athletic Trainer MS, LAT, ATC

Anna Foster

Licensed Athletic Trainer MS, LAT, ATC

Elizabeth Walters

Licensed Athletic Trainer Ed.D, LAT, ATC

Kimberly White

Licensed Athletic Trainer DAT, LAT, ATC

Brooke Stevenson

Licensed Athletic Trainer MSAT, LAT, ATC

Anna Thomas

Licensed Physical Therapist DPT, CMPT

Nicole Shelburne

Licensed Physical Therapist PT, DPT, GTS, TSAC-F

Adam Grannan

Licensed Physical Therapist

Dr. Todd Arnold, MD

Sports Medicine Physician

Jessica Perez

Office Administrator


Yes, ProTeam Tactical Performance provides services to more than 30 public safety departments and has over three years of experience working with the two largest public safety organizations in the state of Indiana: Indianapolis Fire Department and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Your first responders aren’t just another number in a wide healthcare network that is open to all. Our entire mission is centered around public safety and we solely provide our expertise, programs and solutions to law enforcement and fire service agencies. Our specialists are all required to go through several police and fire department trainings so they can experience firsthand some of the demands tactical professionals endure. This helps them become more equipped in not just injury recovery, but also understanding the demands of the job to better serve our first responders.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art spaces your team would be proud to use and enjoy.

Your first responders no longer have to wait in overcrowded waiting rooms or travel to multiple locations to get the rehabilitative solutions they need.

With ProTeam Tactical Performance, your tactical professionals can enjoy a cutting-edge facility that is much like an athletic performance training center. They will be able to complete their personalized programs surrounded solely by other first responders and experts specializing in tactical professional care. We take our space, amenities and programs very seriously, proudly providing:

» A dynamic, athletic environment
» A facility designed for and designated to first responders only
» Athletic approach to rehabilitation and recovery
» Dedication to keep your first responders on duty or get them back to duty in a fast, efficient manner

Yes, over 90 percent of our business consists of workers compensation claims from line-of-duty injuries.

Your first responders shouldn’t have to stress about navigating a tricky reporting system or waiting days for a claim to go through to be seen.

At ProTeam Tactical Performance, we have great partnerships and extensive experience working closely with third-party administrators to set expectations, expedite recovery and get our first responders the care they need in a timely manner. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your department has the resources and educational items needed from the workers compensation carriers to clearly understand all guidelines and steps for an easy, smooth experience.

Larger, metropolitan departments, like The City of Indianapolis, utilize our fixed-cost model, while smaller departments typically see the majority of costs coming from line of duty workers’ compensation claims.

With our aggressive, streamlined solutions, proactive approach and industry partnerships, departments can see significant cost savings when compared to the existing managed care model.

We’d like to have a conversation with your department to collaborate on which model and services would best fit your department based on goals and budget.

Musculoskeletal Injuries are the leading cause of injury for first responders.

Our Performance: IFD Case Study

Medical Expenses

1 %
Savings in Physical Therapy Costs
1 %
Savings on Durable Medical Equipment
1 %
Reduction in Surgeries
Reduced overall Medical costs by
99 %

Savings by Reduction in Missed Shift Days

Our dynamic, comprehensive care expedites recovery and a first responder’s ability to safely and quickly return to duty, decreasing the department’s duration of pay for both the injured’s time off and their back-fills’s time on the job.

Average Shift Day Lost
Reduced average time off by
99 %

Overall Cost Savings


With ProTeam Tactical Performance’s comprehensive services and innovative approach, tactical professionals receive better, more effective care while the department and city see maximum cost savings.

Has saved the City of Indianapolis about 3 million dollars year over year.

Don't just take our word for it!

See how we've helped departments maximize their performance
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Indianapolis Fire Department
Noblesville Fire Department
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Noblesville Police Department

Additional References Available Upon Request.

What our clients say:


Completing the solution

The greater the confidence first responders have in their physical fitness ability, the less likely they are to incur injury.

Our proactive approach and comprehensive solutions help enhance a first responder’s physical and mental well-being for optimal performance in the line of duty and maximum enjoyment years after they retire.